Rob Clayton

Source: “My memories of Silloth were of the airfield being constructed in 1938. The bus service from Wigton passed the airfield. Later when it opened we could see the spitfires and hurricanes tucked away in small dispersal fields or stored in the corrugated mini hangers which were disguised as farm building often painted with windows. From time to time the traffic would be held up whilst a fighter was manhandled down the main road out of one of the fields.

The airmen used to come into Wigton to the dances at the Market Hall they had to walk back to Silloth although I remember watching an airman who had had a few lemonades with his bicycle on his shoulder and a girl on his arm walking towards Silloth in the middle of the road. Many of the Air Transport Auxilliary were based in Wigton they used to ferry aircraft from America but they seemed to leave about 1943/4. Finally I remember seeing brand new Liberators beeing broken up for scrap in 1946, we crawled through the grass to climb inside.”



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