George Doughty

George and Elsie Doughty
George and Elsie Doughty
George Doughty Football_0001
No 22 MU Football Team. Photo courtesy Pam Coates 

L-R Back row – George Kewell Senior, George Doughty, George Kewell Jnr, John Hurt , (?), (?)(policman, George Dixon (Trainer)

Front Row – Bob Kirkpatrick, Bill Shepherd, Ronnie Blake, Paddy Halpin, Jim Stitt, Arthur Cooper (Committee)

George Doughty came to Silloth as a nineteen year old civilian. He arrived with his life-long friend Rex Morris in July 1942 from 15MU Wroughton. The young men took up posts as engineers at Silloth 22MU.  Here below is George’s story with reference also to Rex in many sections. The e-book is 22 pages long with George’s story about life in Silloth beginning on Page 12. Click on the image to enlarge.

The George Doughty Story

Note this story was written by George himself and has not been abridged in any way. The annotations were also made by George.

Acknowledgement: George Doughty Archives

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