Beaufighter Crash at Farm in Dearham , 1943.

Source: P. Dobson 4th September, 1985.

“Following conversations with local landowners contact was established with Alan Stockdale of Home Farm, Dearham on 1st September, who was able to describe the final moments of Crosby based (9OTU) Beaufighter EL 444 which crashed and burst into flames on the hillside above Dearham Bridge Station 14th November 1943, the aircraft was observed flying low from an easterly direction when it banked towards Scheme Farm, straightened, struck the crest of a hill, bounced and crashed into the hedge adjacent to the Dearham-Crosby road and burst into flames, one engine continuing for several hundred yards burst8ing through two hedgerows until coming to rest in a third.

With Mr, Stockdale’s permission, a metal detector search was undertaken and several corroded fragments of aluminium and 20mm cannon linkage were recovered. Unfortunately, a pipeline was laid through the area a few years ago and most of the wreckage removed or reburied at a considerable depth.

From the road the rebuilt and replanted hedgerow is plainly visible, and some trees still bear the scars of the fire which consumed them over forty years ago.”

Click image to enlarge
Click image to enlarge
(Extracted from George Doughty Archives. Received 2014)

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