S.D. Durden

“I was there until the end of May in which time I was crewed up with another Air Gunner/Wireless Operator also a navigator and finally a pilot who, by the way, was a Wing Commander ex-Spitfire coming on to bombing operations for a change from fighters. During this month there was plenty to do – tests to be carried out and passed consisting of Radio Homings and Bearings on M/F and H/F frequencies, radio assisted control approach photography, bombing practice, gunnery practice with firing both day and night plus night time circuits and landings. At the end of May after passing all these tests we were posted out to an operational unit.”

Extracted from RAF Silloth – Wartime memories of the men and women who knew the airfield at Silloth when it was operational. Ed. Maggie Clowes. Retyped by Chris Graham.


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