R. Witton

“One day after returning from leave I was outside C Flight when I saw a little weasel faced Sgt pilot talking to another of our people. On asking who on earth it was I was informed that he was a new pilot, a Pole. His name was Antoni Dradrach, (Tony). He told me much later that he realised straight away that I had been asking about him and that I was far from impressed. He told me that he immediately decided that he must ‘cultivate’ that chap in his own interest. He must have done a good job because we became great friends. In April 1942 Tony came home on leave with me. My mother took to him straight away and she treated him like another son.”

Elsewhere we quote from Elsa Hooper who found herself using sign language and her fingers to communicate with Free French and Polish allies.

Extracted from RAF Silloth – Wartime memories of the men and women who knew the airfield at Silloth when it was operational. Ed. Maggie Clowes. Retyped by Chris Graham.


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