Arthur Burleigh

The Maintenance Crew in front of a Dakota aeroplane. Arthur Burleigh is front row, fifth from the left.

Arthur Burleigh worked as a civilian Chargehand Airframe Fitter on the Airfield for twenty years from 1940 until it’s closure in December 1960. He worked on the service and maintenance of the aeroplanes in the hangers. Arthur was also a member of the Royal Observer Corps based on the Airfield. He was Chairman of Silloth Football Club from 1950 to 1960. The team used to play their games at the Bank Ends pitch in West Silloth in a field behind Golf Terrace, next to the golf links. George Doughty will no doubt remember this as he played for Silloth F.C at the time. In 1953 they moved to their current pitch in the Eden Street playing field and a new changing room shed was erected, which Arthur helped to obtain from the Silloth Airfield. These changing rooms were used for many years and will be familiar to players and spectators alike. When the Airfield closed in December 1960 Arthur transferred to Wroughton Airfield near Swindon in Wiltshire, where Betty also later worked.

The Silloth Royal Observer Corps around 1940
Aircraft on the Airfield during WW2.
Aircraft under maintenance in a hanger WW2
One of the Hangers under construction in 1939.
Arial photo of the Airfield showing the Maintenance Hangers and Control Tower.
Aerial photo of Silloth, showing aircraft parked in the fields around the Airfield during WW2.
A map showing the location of the RAF Quarters sites in Silloth during WW2.
Commemorative stone in memory of Silloth Airfield and all who worked there from 1939 to 1960

Arthur and Betty’s house in Silloth 3, Hylton Terrace was bought by Lawrence and Mary Marshall in May 1962.  Arthur passed away in December 2007 aged 96.


The above information is from Arthur and Betty Burleigh’s archives. Many thanks to their son, Ken Burleigh, for sending.


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