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Brief History of Silloth Aerodrome





  • 320 Sqn (based at Carew Cheriston) had Ansons and Hudsons detached to Silloth
  • No 3 OTU (based at Cranwell) had a detachment of Wellington and Whitleys from July (leaving in June 1943)
  • Airfield expanded and three concrete runways and 18 ‘Robin’ hangers built.
  • Disperal areas to the north, northwest, southwest and southeast of the runway system
  • Three Picket Hamilton ‘Forts’ embedded in airfield.
  • First USAF Liberators land.
  • In October Silloth Airfield became the base for detachment of 320 (Netherlands) Sqn flying Lockhead Hudson 111s


  • The Silloth Trainer – a fixed-base aircraft-specific trainer was developed by Wing Commander Iles and is considered one of the forerunners of modern simulators. The trainer consisted of a mock-up of the front fuselage of a British Halifax bomber, the pilot’s flight controls being simulated through an analogue system that gave artificial resistance (“feel”) when the pilot moved the controls.
  • Six armoured ‘Beverette’ vehicles delivered for airfield defence.
  • In April 1942, 320 Sqn left Silloth


  • No 3 OTU leaves
  • No 6 O.T.U came from Thoraby 10 March 1943 replaces No 1 O.T.U, with Anson, Oxford Martinet and Wellington Aircraft (leaving again 18th July 1945 for Kinloss)
  • Aircraft – Wellingtons and Ansons.
  • Czech Aircrew (311 Sqn) arrives for training on anti-submarine missions with Liberator Bombers.
  • 22 MU issues new Hurricanes, for 41 Group.


  • No 6 O.T.U departs for Kinross (NI).
  • ATA Disbanded,
  • No5. RAF Ferry Pool formed.
  • 1353, a detachment from West Freugh arrives with Hurricane, Oxford, Spitfire and Vengeance aircraft
  •  TT Flight Arrives,
  • AircraftVengeance’s and Spitfires.
  • 22 MU dismantles surplus aircraft but stores Dakotas and Yorks.


  • 1353 TT Flight leaves.
  • 631 Sqn from Llanbedr had detachment of Martinet, Spitfire and Vengeance aircraft at Silloth between 22 August and 21st July


  • 22 MU Reissues Dakotas and Yorks for Berlin airlift.


  • No 5 Ferry Pool disbanded on 22nd May
  • Surplus aircraft – Ansons, Oxfords, Mosquito’s and Yorks, scrapped by 22 MU.
  • Neptunes prepared for sale to foreign governments.


  • 22 MU. Dismantles aircraft from Korean War.


  • Manx Airlines experiments with scheduled service Aircraft – Bristol 170s


  • Last aircraft (Dakota) leaves.
  • No 22 MU disbanded.
  • RAF puts airfield up for sale.


  • Airfield sold. British Steel buys some land and uses it for executive flights.
  • Light Industry.
  • steel company-related civil aircraft continued to land  into the 1970s


Video of Silloth Airfield 2014 (Copyright James Smith Photographer Silloth)