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Silloth (Causewayhead) Cemetery

Courtesy Gordon Akitt Archives

Causewayhead Cemetery is situated very close to the airfield on the B5302. The cemetery covers around 4 acres.

During the early months of the 1939-1945 War, a section in the south-eastern corner of the cemetery was set aside by the local authorities for the burial of service personnel, which was gradually extended to cover Sections S and R and half of Section P. This is now the War Graves Plot. Most of the airmen buried here were serving at the Royal Air Force ststion at Silloth Aerodrome. Many of the bodies were recovered from the Solway, renamed by some local people Hudson bay’ as a result of the Hudson crashes. Two of the crash victims could not be identified. During the War a site was selected for the Cross of Sacrifice ad reserved by the local authorities. It stands in an imposing position at the entrance to the cemetery, and is approached by a short flight of stone circular terrace up the sloping bank. The raised mound is surrounded by a circular terrace. The Cross, in its central position on the mound dominates the whole of this beautiful cemetery, including the War Graves Plot in the far left corner.

Extracted from Commonwealth War Graves Commission Website