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Silloth Trainer

Martyn Chorlton in his book ‘Cumbria Airfields in the Second World War (2006), indicates that the “Silloth Trainer was designed for the training of all members of the crew, and was primarily a type of familiarisation trainer for learning drills and the handling of malfunctions.  As well as the basic flying behaviour, all engine, electric and hydraulic systems were simulated.”  An instructor’s panel [visible in the photo above], was provided “to enable monitoring of the crew and for deliberately inserting malfunctions. Many of the parts inside the Silloth Trainer were made from piano parts, and at least fourteen were built especially for OTUs.”

All computation was pneumatic as in another simulator called the Link Trainer.

Link Trainer

Silloth trainers were manufactured for 2 and 4 engined aircraft throughout the war. Towards the end of the war, a Wellington simulator was developed at RAF St Athan using contoured clams to generate the characteristics of the aircraft’s flight and engines. This machine, however, did not supplant the Silloth Trainer, as all activity on those ceased at the end of the War.