Get Involved

Ways you can help!!

Lots of people love Silloth and feel pride of place ,  so if you have any spare time, please get in touch and help us with the Silloth Airfield project.   This project is highlighting the part played by the town and all the people based at the areodrome during WW2.  As a starting point, you could help with:

  • taking photos
  • researching and archiving information
  • video making and editing
  • uploading clips to YouTube
  • audio processing
  • uploading clips to Soundcloud
  • organising events related to the heritage of the airfield
  • contributing ideas and helping build on the current airfield project
  • helping with fundraising for future developments

You can also help us ‘do’ this project by  donating anything you think may be of interest, for example:

  • artefacts from the Airfield, eg. pieces of planes or equipment from the airfield
  • photos/images/maps of Silloth airfield over time
  • notes or memoirs from/about someone who was in Silloth or based at the airport during WW2
  • letters related to the aerodrome
  • stories about the airfield and WW2 that have been handed down the generations


You might be in a position to help sponsor the project. As a sponsor you can

  • ‘walk the talk,’ publicise the project and gain support from others
  • facilitate on-going support needed to build on the current project

Please get in touch if you can support or sponsor the project in any way.


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